President of the Fund

Recent Programs

The orphanage of Casa Hogar Misericordia is always in a state of repair, renovation, or adding on to facilitate and accomodate the children of God, stay connected with the orphanage and help

Your help is appreciated tremendously.  Your love is appreciated greatly.  And always remember the words of our Lord,

 ‘Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.’Mt. 25:40

Mission & Vision

Contact Casa Hogar and sponsor a mission.  Bring your church, family, friends, or self to help on site and pray with the children of God.


Your time and efforts are more appreciated and could never be repaid, and that, that is true giving, from the heart.

We are always disposed to God's will

Mariana Arias Solis and husband Fidel Rubio Alvarado. have been welcoming the children of God into their home.  Children taken in are frequently Tarahumara Indians who live on the mountain, in Chihuahua Mexico suffering extreme poverty and some orphans, abandoned and marginalized.

Sometimes up to 80 children call Casa Hogar Misericordia, their home.  

One way or another, they share what little they have with the little children of God.  As we know from the bible, the little are the greatest in Heaven.

This site is to provide a means to an end, and the means is your help with food, clothing, and the shelter that the children need which is in constant need of repair or additions.  

This site provides a direct contact with the orphanage.